Information on Heart Cuts

If you are an incurable romantic at heart, why not choose a heart shaped diamond for your engagement ring. Research in America suggested that women that choose heart shaped stones for their jewellery tend to be sentimental, feminine, sensitive, trusting - no surprise there then! The jury is still out as to the characteristics of men who choose this shape, perhaps they are just romantic.

If you are considering proposing to your future fiancee with a heart shaped engagement ring, why not do it on Valentine's day. Here are Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design, we always make sure we have a good selection of ready to wear engagement rings set with heart shaped diamonds around 14th February, but in our opinion, a heart shaped engagement ring is perfect for any time of the year.

Heart shaped diamonds can be hard to source for engagement rings due to the unusual nature of the shape but we are able to get a great selection to show you should you be considering this option.

This cut, together with certain other fancy cuts, inevitably end up with a lot of wastage and hence the carat price tends to be higher than, for example, a brilliant cut diamond where the wastage in the cutting process is less. Also, as they are a less common choice, less tend to be cut so they end up being a bit more unusual.

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