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Commissioning a Commitment Ring

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Working on a one to one basis with a talented
jewellery designer is a wonderfully
exciting experience

A commissioned pair of commitment rings are unique designs, created for you, that will never be exactly repeated for anyone else. What could be more personal and meaningful than knowing that the commitment rings that you wear were created for you? Incorporated into their design is some of your personality and relationship - a true symbol of your individual commitment.

If you would like to arrange a consultation or ask any further questions please contact us.

Platinum and scatter set gemstone eternity ring

The process begins of course with the design - look through our website or search our database for ideas and then arrange a consulation with one of our designers either on the phone or in either our Hertfordshire studio and workshop, or our Cambridge city centre shop.

Once the design is fixed, our goldsmiths will handmade your rings under the watchful eye of our production manager.

We think design is all about the coming together of your individual style and our design expertise. We don't push our own tastes onto you, but neither do we expect you to come up with all the ideas! Captured in each of our bespoke commitment rings is its owner's personality and the creative energy that has happened during the exciting process of working with a talented jewellery designer from Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design.

Please contact us if you have any questions, would like to arrange a design consultation or would like a ball-park quote to create your own commissioned commitment rings