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Designers and Goldsmiths

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Designer and Goldsmiths

Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design is special because we employ highly qualified design talent and experienced craftsmen with traditional handmaking skills, and have them working together in one room.

Jewellery Designer's hands

All our designers have started with a design degree and continue training within the company in order to provide the best service possible to each customer. We pride ourselves on our ability to be able to design the right ring for you in the style that you want and within your budget. This requires an encyclopaedic knowledge of design details and making techniques, as we don't know what the next commission will involve until it comes through the door - unlike designing a ready to wear collection or even 'design your own ring on the internet' where you are merely choosing from a pre-existing collection each ring is a new challenge.

Our designers and team of experienced goldsmiths work together in the same room in our tudor barn studio - this means that consultations between them take a couple of steps, not a plane ride. It not only gives us a warm feeling knowing that no sweatshops are involved in the making of our jewellery, but also means that any questions about a designers intention, or the right way of dealing with an ambiguous detail, can be dealt with on the spot.

Our head goldsmith leads an experienced team of hand makers -it is now a significant concentration of skill. Richard started as an apprentice on Hatton Garden 35 years ago, and has been making beautiful, intricate things ever since. He leads a workshop team with a variety of backgrounds and skills, and is generous about passing on his skills within the company, to our trainee goldsmith and to the designers - there is no better way to understand the making process than to make things yourself. This all adds up to a highly skilled team who can take your inspiration and fashion it into the perfect ring for you, at the right budget.

We feel it is important to keep traditional craft skills alive, and our training scheme means that the next generation are learning the fine hand skills that are becoming increasingly rare in a mechanised world.

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