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Redesigning your existing
engagement ring

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Do you have an engagement ring that
doesn't match your style?

Over the years we have been approached by people who have inherited family jewellery they would love to wear but it doesn't work with their style. We are happy to rework an old piece into something more modern that is appropriate for you.

Reusing stones in a new ring

Gems can normally be removed from old pieces and reused in a completely new engagement ring. There is always a small risk of damage although luckily this has never happened to us.

See reusing gemstones within the ethics section of the website for more information.

Re-using old metal

It is possible to melt down old gold and reuse it in a new engagement ring. The cost of reusing low carat gold can equal or exceed the price of buying new gold though, so this only really makes sense if there is a sentimental or ethical reason to do so or if you have a good quantity of higher carat gold. Alloy refining is a large scale process, so yellow gold cannot be re-refined to become white gold.

See reusing metal within the ethics section of the website for more information.

Reworking old designs or combining with a new ring

We are always happy to use your existing engagement ring as the basis for your new one, whether this involves repairing or altering the old engagement ring; or simply using it as a basis for a similar design.

By pairing your older piece of jewellery with, for example, a specially designed wedding ring, a new lease of life can be given to it. We often design wedding rings that actually fit around engagement rings giving an old fashioned design a more contemporary appearance.

Sometimes we also remake a brand new engagement ring bought elsewhere that the wearer didn't really like - adding more stones or remaking in a different metal can sometimes make all the difference. We commonly remake tension set engagement rings into a safer more practical alterative that we call tension style.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a design consultation, please contact us.

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