Eternity rings are generally given to celebrate the arrival of a family - or more specifically childen. They sit alongside your engagement ring and normally take the form of a plain band with set gemstones.

Of course this doesn't have to be the case! Many of our previous customers have thrown convention to the wind and we've been able to design them a bespoke ring that's completely different to the norm whilst others have kept a little more to the rules and we've created rings based on the traditions of a full or half eternity style.

As you browse our galleries of bespoke eternity rings we hope you'll see the breath of possibilities for your eternity ring - from Celtic styles to unusual metal combinations and from brightly coloured gemstones scattered across the band to the extra sparkle of a series of diamonds channel set into a full eternity ring.

Have fun looking for your perfect eternity ring.

Harriet Kelsall

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