Eternity Ring Choices

Eternity rings are often used to celebrate the birth of a new baby into a family. Typically they are similar to a wedding band but set with stone and often we find that our customers choose the birthstones of their new family members within the design. If you choose a bespoke eternity rings, then one of our team of designs will combine their skill, design flair and experience with your own ideas, style and budget to come up with the perfect design.

Next the precious metal is sourced from a bullion dealer, arriving in either basic shapes such as sheet and wire. It is often necessary to, for example, work the wire into smaller shapes and this is done by pulling it through drawing plates or squeezing sheet through a mill. We sometimes melt down gold to form the eternity ring's basic shape.

All through the process, the metal is regularly annealed - that is heated to a high temperature using a jeweller's flame then treated in pickle which is a dilute sulphuric acid mixture to remove surface oxidisation.

The shank is formed by hammering it around a ring mandrel and joining it together - not as easy as it sounds! It is particularly tricky to fit it all together straight and in line whilst keeping the shank exactly circular and to the required ring size. The joints are made with intense heat and hallmark quality solder of the same metal type as the eternity ring

Next is the time consuming process of filing then fine filing then sanding with emery paper and lastly polishing paper until the eternity ring is completely formed

In the UK it is a legal requirement that all precious metal jewellery over a specific weight is hallmarked with the maker's mark, date, metal type and place of assay. Our work is hallmarked in London with the letters HK in a rectangular box. Eternity rings are tested by the London Assay Office the purity of the metal - if anything is not as it should be the eternity ring is crushed!!

If there are gemstones to be set into the eternity ring, this happens next. Small amounts of the shank's metal are pushed up over the stone using specialist tools and the skill is to make sure that the stone is balanced and secure. The eternity ring will need more finishing to be made ready for polishing.

Engraving happens next with special swan-neck engravers for those tricky letters inside of the band. It is only possible to have one type of font for this skilled job.

Finally, polishing is done with a polishing wheel and polishing compound eg rouge - rather a messy process but wonderful to see the finished eternity ring coming together.

Our jewellery designers, managers and goldsmiths have been writing articles about eternity rings - we hope you find them useful if you are on the hunt for one.

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