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Ethical Jewellery

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Alice Rochester specialises in
ethical jewellery design

Hi, my name's Alice and I specialise in the ethical side of jewellery

It's been our aim since we started ten years ago to make responsible decisions about sourcing and make each piece as ethically as possible and minimise the environmental impact behind the jewellery.

I'm very pleased to say that we are one of the first twenty companies worldwide licenced to use fully
Certified Fairtrade Gold and that we are the first UK independent to have achieved full Responsible Jewellery Council Certification.

Sapphire in tweezers

Ethical Overview

I'll be honest with you - this isn't always easy in this industry, which has historically been fraught with ethical problems. However, with a combination of our lobbying and pressure from customers who genuinely want more ethical options, things are starting to change with the advent of certified Fairtrade Gold and the work that the Responsible Jewellery Council and others are doing. Producers are having to take more responsibility for their actions - it's an exciting time and we are proud to be actively involved in helping to make that change.

We never compromise on quality, but are spending a lot of time and energy in finding the most responsible source for our materials. We already take a big step by making everything under our own roof, by hand, rather than in anonymous factories in the far east - if the perfect ring for you is one that has impeccable ethical credentials then we want to be able to provide that in a practical way. Doing the right thing and making a difference is all about having the knowledge to get behind the headlines to what is actually happening on the ground, and we'd love to talk to you about it if you'd like to know more.

This section of the website will inform you about how things are progressing ethically in the jewellery industry and about how we are chipping away at changing things. Together with our blog, I will keep it updated as new developments occur, so it will always be a current reflection of what is really going on.

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