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Celtic Wedding Rings

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We can design you a wedding ring

inspired by Celtic shapes and styles

Celtic Wedding Rings Gallery

The wedding rings below are previously commissioned and ready to wear designs

Handmade twist rings inspired by Celtic designs.

Many Celtic designs depict the idea of elements being twisted together to form a 'rope' and in jewellery this was no exception. Rings were made that had this rope-like element, and this became particularly symbolic when related to rings where the rope joined back onto itself to form a never ending loop reminiscent of the eternal binding together of two people - which is ideal for wedding or commitment rings.

Our Celtic rings are fully handmade from scratch by working strands of gold or silver, not stamped out or cast on a mass production line as many similar looking pieces now are. Ensuring that everything matches up exactly for each specific ring size is, if you think about it, a very skilled job, and one which our talented goldsmiths are very good at! It is particularly exciting to know that if you commission a Celtic twist wedding ring that because of the organic nature of the shaping process, no two rings ever look exactly alike.

Single or Double Twist Celtic Rings


Single Celtic twist wedding rings are generally around 3 - 3.5mm wide, and can be made in the following metals: 3 colours of 9ct gold (white, rose and yellow in one ring), 9ct white and yellow gold, 18ct white and yellow gold, All yellow gold (9ct or 18ct), All white gold (9ct or 18ct), All Sterling silver.

Double Celtic twist rings are made from two twists of metal, and look like plaits. They are around 6mm wide, although, like with the single twists this can vary slightly. They can be made in the following metals: All yellow gold (9ct or 18ct) or all white (9ct or 18ct).

Engraved Celtic rings

There are more Celtic knot work patterns than can be counted, which gives us further scope for Celtic style rings. Patterns can be engraved instead of worked into the metal itself, allowing much more intricate designs, for example:


Other Celtic Ring Ideas

If you would like a rose gold ring to look like a single twist design, this can be engraved and shaped rather than twisting the metal as we would normally. It looks exactly like a twist ring from the outside and because of the plain inside it is also a good option if you would like your ring to be engraved here with a message.

Remember that as with any other of our designs, your Celtic wedding ring need not be polished to a high shine! Finishes like the Tunstall (invented by our very own Chief Goldsmith, Richard Tunstall) pin end, or satin finish can be really effective too as shown below.