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Wedding Rings
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Popular choices of Wedding Ring Finish


The classic polished finish.


A soft finish as a contrast to the more normal highly polished look. This finish will wear to the lovely dull shine of the natural metal, sometimes within a few months, but can be easily re-applied.

Rhodium Plated

Rhodium plating can be applied to white gold wedding rings, this gives them a platinum like look. The plating will wear off over time to reveal the natural more yellowy coloured white gold underneath. For a small charge the rhodium plating can be re-applied by us or any jeweller.


The surface of the ring is lightly hammered to produce this subtly textured finish.

Pin End / Mood Dust

The surface of the ring is abrased by fast moving pins to produce this matt finish. This finish will wear over time but not as quickly as an ordinary satin finish.

Tunstall / Crushed Diamond

A surface texture invented by our Chief Gold and Silversmith and is a deeper more durable version of the pin finish


A ripple finish is an organic effect invented by us a while back. Its called rippled finish because its rather like the rippling effect on moving water.

Wood Grain

Designed to be like the texture of bark on a tree, it is a lovely choice for a more rustic design. A modern reworking of a very traditional bark effect finish.


The surface of a wedding ring is distressed by a goldsmith entirely by hand. We first developed this finish for a commission for an archeologist who wanted a 'dug up' look to his wedding ring.

Contact us with your choice and we will give you a quote for your handmade wedding band.