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Wedding Rings
Shapes Galleries

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View plain bands by shape/profile

Choose your wedding band's cross section.

18ct white gold flat profiled wedding ring

Popular examples of Wedding Ring Cross Sections

These are the most commonly requested shapes but as we handmake all our wedding rings we can make pretty much any shape you fancy

Flat Cross Sectioned Wedding Rings

A sharp edged profile for a modern sleek look

Flat with Softened Edges Wedding Rings

A slightly softer looking profile than the flat cross sected version

D Shaped Wedding Rings

A ring profile with a rounded outside and a flat inside

Reverse D Shaped Wedding Rings

A half way house between flat and courting cross sectioned rings - the sleek look of a flat band with a more comfortable shape to wear on the inside.

Courting Cross Sectioned Wedding Rings

Slightly curved both on the outside and the inside of the ring this has been designed as the most comfortable wear.

Heavy Courting Cross Sectioned Wedding Rings

A thick courting cross sectioned profile but with a rounded edge. A wonderfully solid ring with about 2.5mm of thickness at the middle.

Halo Wedding Rings

A halo or full round cross sectioned ring is a wedding ring with a profile that is completely round.

Contact us with your choice and we will give you a quote for your handmade wedding band.