Bespoke jewellery design is a very special skill and vastly different from designing a collection or range of jewellery. Designers have to be able to hand sketch and create stunning designs in a wide range of styles to suit every customer.

Our designers are experts, they all have a design related degree, have exhibited their work widely and many have prestigious awards to their names.

Bespoke design is what they love- they thrive from interaction with their customers and discovering inspiring stories to incorporate into bespoke designs.

Many of our designers have been with us since they left university. We foster an environment of constant learning and training and they work as a team to discover new techniques, new innovations and the latest information and constantly share this with each other.

Every bespoke design is unique and this is what makes the job of our designers so varied and challenging. Their combined level of expertise is second to none in the UK jewellery industry and we are extremely proud to only employ the very best.

Whether you have a consultation in person, over the phone or via the internet, you are guaranteed an unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise.

Browse each of our designer's profiles and previous designs to gather some inspiration for your bespoke commission.