Amy Vinn

Amy Vinn

Amy is a Senior Designer in our Cambridge Studio and Shop, and has been the Branch Manager since 2018. After joining us at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery as a Design Assistant in 2013, her motivation and success for designing and leading the team continues to flourish, resulting in Cambridge Customer Service Awards

She achieved a 1st Class Honours degree in Furniture Design and Craftmanship at the University of Lincoln. After graduating, she completed an internship for a renowned UK company which paved the way for a subsequent design internship in Italy. Once back in the UK, she became a Course Director at the College of West Anglia, leading Furniture Design and Craftmanship. This is where Amy learnt the power of inspiring people and telling their story through unique pieces, a sentiment that weaves perfectly into her bespoke jewellery career. 

Amy also draws inspiration from her travels-she adores the bold beautiful designs like those in ironwork and craftmanship in Sicilian gate and Italian architecture. This feeds into her use of bold lines and statement colours, combining striking beauty with timeless aspects. She loves when she can turn an abstract inspiration into a one-of-a-kind dream piece. 

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