Anniversary Stone Chart

Anniversaries can be a lovely time to celebrate your relationship with a special piece of jewellery. The chart we have included below contains traditional and modern gifts for each anniversary based upon the year. 


1 Paper or mother of pearl jewellery
Cotton or garnet 
Leather, crystal or moonstone
Linen, silk, fruit, flowers or blue topaz 
Wood or rose quartz
Sugar, iron or amethyst 
Wool, copper or onyx 
Bronze, salt or tourmaline 
10  Tin, aluminium or diamond 
11  Steel or turquoise 
12  Silk, pearl or jade 
13  Lace or citrine 
14  Flowers, gold or opal 
15  Crystal, rock crystal or rhodolite
16  China, emerald or peridot
17  Accessories or furniture 
18  Porcelain, coloured gemstones or cat's eyes or tiger's eyes 
19  Furniture, bronze or aquamarine 
20  China, platinum or emerald 
25  Silver
30  Pearl 
35  Jade
40  Ruby 
45  Sapphire 
50  Gold 
55  Emerald
60  Diamond 
65  Sapphire