Aqua Marina - Sea Water

Aqua Marina - Sea Water

Written by Tim Alban on 20 September 2013

Aquamarine is one of my favourite gemstones in that it has just such a stunning shade of blue. Personally reminds me of still lakes or lochs depending on where you are reading this, or ice. It has a nice crisp colour.

Aquamarine is part of the beryl gemstone family; other stones you might have heard of in the family are gems such as Emerald and Morganite. Other ones you might not have heard of however as they are not as common in jewellers are Goshenite which is colourless quite like a diamond in colour. And Heliodor which is a yellow gold colour.

Aquamarine is Latin for Aqua Marina which means sea water which you can see how it gets its name in our aquamarine engagement ring collection and you can see some past customers have been inspired by the sea.

There are many interesting and odd facts about this gemstone such as Aquamarine can cure as sore throat and helps relieve stress. And it has also been said that if aquamarine is held in the mouth, you could call upon a devil and receive answers to any questions you ask.

But our design team here can certainly answer any questions you might have on aquamarine or any other gemstone you are interested in. We are also big fans of putting aquamarine in rings....not in our mouths.