Blue Gemstones

Blue Gemstones

Written by on 18 May 2011

If you are looking to choose an engagement ring but are a little lost it can be pretty overwhelming. A lot of our customers like to go for a design with a few personal touches to make their design extra special. But what if you’re unsure about how to go about it? One really great way to personalise your design is to incorporate her favourite colour with a stunning gemstone! Diamond and sapphire engagement ring

Sapphires are a lovely option for engagement rings as not only are they beautiful with plenty of fire and sparkle, but they are very durable with a Moh’s hardness of 9 (out of ten!) and an excellent level of toughness. This makes them perfect for jewellery that is worn on a daily basis, and a great option for engagement rings and wedding rings. They also come in a whole variety of cuts and colours including cornflower and navy!

Just as we experienced a boom in the popularity of ruby engagement rings after the announcement of Sarah Fergusson’s betrothal, sapphire engagement rings have risen in popularity massively with the nuptials of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Her Ceylon blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring has become a popular option, in fact it is so popular that you can even buy replica rings if you really want to! Don’t forget though, if you love the idea of her ring but would prefer something more personal, you could have an engagement ring that is inspired by this lovely piece!

If you love the idea of having a purpley blue gemstone incorporated into your engagement ring design you could choose one of the more unusual gemstones available.
Iolite has a great violet blue to navy colour and could be the right choice if your partner loves deep blues. Tanzanite is a beautiful and unusual gemstone from Tanzania. These gemstones have become increasingly popular for engagement ring designs, and you might have even noticed some pale violet gemstones in your local jewellers, but they can be sourced in an amazing and intense purpley blue colour… which make them a real eye-catcher!

Aquamarine is another great option for engagement rings. This lovely gemstone is particularly known for its lovely sea-foam and sky blue colours… in fact its name means sea water! It looks great in a selection of gemstone cuts including brilliant and step cuts. Although they are not as hardy as a sapphire with a rating of 7 ½ on the Moh’s scale these gemstones are still a great option for engagement rings and are kept secure with a protective setting. You might also consider blue topaz for your engagement ring design. This pretty blue gemstone is available in a variety of cuts… so you won’t be stuck for choice! It is also often a great option if you are worried about keeping to a specific budget. They are a popular option for side stones in engagement rings and are often used in wedding rings too!

If you’re hoping to go for a more unusual gemstone but are still set on a blue gemstone there are a whole range of gemstones to choose from. Why not consider turquoise, lapis lazuli, indicolite, sodalite, zircon, or even a colour treated blue diamond?!