Caring for and cleaning your jewellery

Caring for and cleaning your jewellery

Written by Alec Page on 2 August 2016

There is nothing better than wearing and enjoying your jewellery but how can we wear something every day and still keep it in the best condition?

One of the best ways to keep your jewellery in good condition is to give it a regular clean to remove any build up of grease and grime. A bit of regular jewellery maintenance is a task that people forget to do or just put off, but it really is very simple!

Cleaning Gold & Gemstones

The best thing for gold jewellery and any gemstones is to gently use a baby’s toothbrush or small soft paint brush, which will go over any nooks and crevices to remove trapped grease and grime.

This build up occurs from wearing your jewellery everyday and happens to everyone who loves to wear their jewellery for long periods of time. Things we use in our day to day lives like soaps and hand creams to perfumes and sun creams lotions all contribute to the build up. So the best thing to do at home is use a gentle brush, with a small amount of washing up liquid to help remove this build up. Once you’ve finished, rinse everything off and give it a gentle dry with a cloth. The difference this can make to your jewellery is surprising and really helps improve the colour and shine of any gemstone or precious metal.

Sometimes a gentle clean isn’t enough to make your jewellery brand new again as there might be some surface scratches that you would like to remove. At Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery we have an in-house goldsmith team who can repair and service your jewellery to keep it in the best condition possible. They can polish your jewellery and check the settings of any stones to ensure it is in the best safest possible condition for everyday use. During this check your jewellery can also be polished to remove any scuffs or scratches to ensure your jewellery looks brand new once again.

Cleaning Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is different as unlike gold, palladium and platinum, silver tarnishes over time. To help protect silver and prevent this process earlier on, just add a few drops of washing up liquid to warm water and use a soft cloth to rub it gently. Once cleaned, rinse with cold water and then buff it dry until it shines. If the tarnish is further along  there are many different products available to clean silver, including silver polishing solutions and silver polishing cloths which are probably the quickest and easiest ways to use to bring your silver back to a brilliant shine. Never soak silver in water as this will speed up the tarnishing process.

Cleaning Pearls

Pearls are a natural material that are formed over time and grow within a shell, so they are a very porous material and their lustre can easily become dull. The best way to take care of your pearl jewellery is to gently wipe and clean your pearls with a soft dry clean cloth after each wear. Pearls should never be submerged in water or cleaned with any chemical detergents as this can damage the pearls and make them very brittle or it may also weaken the thread if your pearls are strung on a necklace or bracelet. When getting dressed, pearls should always be the last thing you put on, especially after any perfumes or other sprays such as hair spray as these can also damage pearls if they come in direct contact over a period of time.

Different jewellery requires different care methods, but here are some top tips that we use here at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery:

  • Don’t use any harsh chemicals on any of your jewellery as it may harm any soft gemstones or may cause skin irritation if left on the surface of your jewellery when worn.
  • Make sure to always apply any moisturiser, makeup or perfume before you put on any jewellery.
  • Keep jewellery stored in a fabric-lined box to prevent any wear and tear while you’re not wearing it rather than places where it could get damaged or lost such as pockets, bags or purses.
  • For gold jewellery, a baby tooth brush or a small soft paintbrush with warm soapy water are perfect for cleaning away any built up dirt around your jewellery.
  • Make sure you always take off any jewellery before exercise, housework or gardening as any of these activities could cause damage to your jewellery.
  • Remember that metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum are precious metals and are not indestructible. Everyday items such as car/door keys, door handles and kitchen utensils may damage your jewellery as they are made of stronger metals such as stainless steel.

If you have any doubts about the best method for caring for your jewellery, why not pop in and see us in person with your jewellery for us to assess it. We can then suggest the best method for caring and cleaning your favourite piece of jewellery.