Coloured Diamonds

Coloured Diamonds

Written by on 11 May 2011

Red Diamonds

So you would like to have diamonds in your wedding jewellery. You’ve thought about them for your engagement ring, wedding rings and eternity ring, but you just can’t decide! Allot of people today are familiar with the idea of coloured diamonds; you see them on TV, in magazines and even in catalogues! But what is the deal with these colourful dazzlers? And what are you getting when you purchase one of these gemstones?

You’d probably be quite surprised at the number of different coloured natural diamonds that are mined today. Did you know that you can get diamonds in; white, green, brown, pink, orange, blue, yellow, cognac, black and lavender! If you are going for a coloured diamond for your engagement ring or wedding rings just remember that different colours have different levels of rarity… so if you’d like something really unusual it might take a little time to find that lovely sparkler! Natural colours such as cognac, black and yellow are more readily available, whereas deep reds, blues and greens are very unusual and highly sought after. But don’t worry if natural isn’t the way you want to go, you could choose from a range of treated coloured diamonds with a fab array of choices such as; pinks, browns, magentas, blues, blacks and greens!

Black Diamonds
Did you know that black diamonds are regularly used for industrial purposes? Their colour actually comes from; mineral inclusions, cracking, a polycrystalline structure, and are often treated. They look great in really bold engagement ring designs. Don’t forget, if they don’t take your fancy but you still like that dark gemstone look you could consider something of a similar look such as onyx.

Blue Diamonds
Natural blue diamonds generally have a grey-blue colour to them, whereas treated blue diamonds have a kind of greenish blue colour. Take a look at the Hope diamond and the Wittlesbach-Graff diamond for some famous dazzlers!

Cognac Diamonds
These lovely stones can be readily sourced for your needs. They are available in a whole assortment of colours such as deep brown, bright orange, golden copper and champagne. They look lovely in yellow gold, and elegant vintage styled engagement rings, take a look at the Earth Star diamond for a quick peek at the colour.

Pink Diamonds
Intense natural pink diamonds are fairly rare. But don’t worry, if you love the idea of having a pink gemstone in your engagement ring design, why not have a look at incorporating pink tourmalines or pink sapphires into your ring?

Yellow Diamonds
These are a touch rarer than cognac diamonds, the most desirable colour is of course a vivid canary yellow shade. Check out the Mouna diamond, Oppenheimer diamond and Golden Eye diamond for a few famous dazzlers for some engagement ring inspiration.

Of course don’t worry if you’re not sure coloured diamonds are your cup of tea you could go for a diamond look-a-like, otherwise known as an ‘imitation’ gemstone such as cubic zirconia, moissanite… or even something a bit unusual like yttrium aluminium garnet (known as YAG) or strontium titanite (otherwise known as fabulite). Or if not, you could choose to incorporate another gemstone. Sapphires and rubies can provide a good level of hardness for everyday wear whilst adding an extra flash of colour to your engagement ring design. Or if you still love the white colour of a diamond, you could even go for a white sapphire, white topaz or even rock crystal!

Just don’t forget… you don’t have to be traditional, you can add a bit of colour to that sparkle if you really like… there are so many options so the choice is yours!