Is Jewellery Just Another Accessory

Is Jewellery Just Another Accessory

Written by on 2 March 2015

Well, this is an easy one – quite simply, NO; jewellery can be (and often is) much more than a simple fashion accessory, though of course we do all have those inexpensive go-to items that are only in our jewellery boxes to accentuate an outfit or two...or five! However, on the most part, jewellery is embarked upon for much more meaningful reasons.

Jewellery is used to commemorate celebrations, remind us of people/places/events, show relationship status, and many more.

Whatever the important moment in your life you want to remember, be it a reason to stay strong, a celebration for overcoming a hurdle, a joyous occasion you want to celebrate, or simply to make you smile – tell us your story! Ask your friends and family about their jewellery, I’m sure you will find out some touching stories you never knew before...

Treasure your memories and have them encapsulated into a piece of jewellery so they (along with your stories) can be passed on for generations to come.

I have designed several pieces of highly sentimental jewellery for our customers over the last four years, and a few definitely spring to mind as soon as people question the purpose of jewellery.

I’ve designed pieces incorporating inherited stones / metals, to hold hair/ashes, personal messages engraved, birthstones, life diamonds, etc; but this particular commission does stay with me:

A few years ago I had a lovely lady come to me regarding a dress ring to symbolise her late partner – she wanted two stones which overlapped, to resemble their lives (his life before her, their time together, and her continuing by herself after his sad departure), while the band itself was made from a ring he had owned; she wanted the ring to hold a lot of sentiment for her and depict her memories, but with the design still looking like “just a pretty ring” so as not to draw questions regarding its inspiration from others. The contemporary diamond design was beautiful in general, but even more so due to its personal content, and I will never forget the look on her face when she came to collect the ring and saw it finished for the first time.