Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Written by on 14 November 2013

Look around this season, the world is rose tinted, no need for glasses! Celebrities are wearing it, the best of the jewellers across the world are using it and the catwalks are flaunting it. The latest trend in the jewellery world is Rose Gold.

It is made up of pure yellow gold alloyed with copper to give it the beautiful rich pink hue that is historically known as ‘Russian Gold’. 9ct rose gold has a beautiful strong pink hue due to the higher percentage of copper alloy, this making up 62.5% of the finished metal. 18ct rose gold is a darker colour with a stronger yellow tint due to the gold making up 75% of this alloy. 22ct rose gold has an even stronger yellow colour, however this is not a practical choice as the high gold content makes it an incredibly soft alloy not suitable for use in jewellery that will be worn every day.

Before the Victorian era, rose gold was really only popular in Russia but its popularity spread throughout the world in this time. It wasn’t until the 1920’s when the writer Jean Cocteau commissioned Cartier to make him a ring using white, yellow and rose gold that rose gold became truly established in the world of jewellery. This endorsement by two such influential names truly cemented its position in the precious metal world.

This popularity dyed down throughout the Art Deco period of the 30’s. The blue, icy hue of platinum was now ‘on trend’. However, during World War II platinum was needed for far more important things. It played an important role within the catalysts of aircraft and became a precious commodity traded between the major players of the war. All of these circumstances meant that yellow and rose gold dominated the jewellery of this time.

70 years on, rose gold has made a full and fantastic comeback for many reasons. Today’s craze for a vintage look means that high end, influential designers are favouring the more elegant and skin complimenting tones of rose gold. Inevitably these trends and looks are unveiled at large trade exhibitions and fairs such as the ‘Biennale des Antiquaires’, providing important inspiration for designers and consumers across the world. Rose gold is a metal that compliments and accentuates the colours of many types of skin and gemstone. Take a look at our stunning selection of rose gold engagement rings.