Sentimental Engagement Rings

Sentimental Engagement Rings

Written by on 19 January 2011

We all know that when preparing for marriage you want to be sure that your wedding reflects your own personality, running from the flowers and dress to the ceremony its self…. but what about your wedding jewellery? People often find it difficult to think of different ways to personalise their engagement ring and wedding rings. Of course there are a whole variety of ways to do this… but what about adding something a little bit sentimental?

Sentimental Engagement Ring

If antique jewellery is your ‘cup of tea’ you could always consider it for your engagement ring, wedding ring or even eternity ring. Vintage styles are always a popular choice, and if you have a partner who likes to own things that have their own story this might be the right choice for you. But if you like the idea of something with a history but don’t fancy the antique style you could always consider using a recycled stone in a new design. Of course if your partner is a great follower of the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ credo of wedding traditions this could be a fab way of incorporating one or two of these elements!

Personally I love to have items that have some kind of history to them, but one way to make this even more unique you could look to family heirlooms. Old family jewellery can be a fantastic option for engagement and wedding rings… and most families still pass on jewellery from generation to generation! Always remember though that you can have heirlooms redesigned or even use the stones or metal to create something entirely unique and fresh.

Of course here at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery we are used to people presenting some fairly unusual options. If you are considering having a ring designed for your wedding day this can be one of the best ways to incorporate something truly sentimental. Have a think about things that remind you of, or are special to your partner e.g. you could incorporate unusual stones such as ancient marble, rough cut diamonds or a small piece of meteor rock!

You could always think ‘outside the box’ of course by and have something out of the ordinary incorporated into a design. Unusual items such as shells, beading, coral, pearls, charms or fossils could be considered… the choice is yours! Don’t forget though that whatever you choose needs to be feasible for a design which is practical for a goldsmith to produce. If you would like some more adventurous ideas you could always have a look into jewellery from across the world e.g. in Arizona it is quite common for Native American jewellery to incorporate aspects of various spirit animals, for example bear claws are regularly used. Or if these options are a bit too bold you could consider having an image of the item engraved or worked into the metals of your wedding jewellery.

Remember, if you are trying to select a truly sentimental option for an engagement ring try to really consider what element you incorporate. Items that remind you of your partner or vice versa or a special time together are often an excellent choice!