Shaped Wedding Rings

Shaped Wedding Rings

Written by on 30 October 2015

We love to create unique engagement rings and this often means creating a unique fitted wedding ring to work with the design. We want to create rings that can be enjoyed so as well as making the ring look beautiful, we really want the ring to be comfortable and long lasting. It is important for us to think about whether the ring will always be worn with the engagement ring or if it would be necessary for it to be worn alone occasionally and therefore look great as a standalone piece of jewellery.

There are a number of varieties of fitted wedding ring:

Gentle wave – Usually the most subtle of shaped wedding rings and often a style that would also work as a standalone ring. This design simply sweeps around the detail in the engagement ring and is often an option for any style of engagement ring.

joanna fitted

Wishbone – Often designed to fit around angular shaping or a large central stone. This is a versatile design as severity of the V shape can be altered to fit the engagement ring.

fitted wishbone


Jigsaw – A wedding ring which is shaped exactly to the engagement ring to fit like a jigsaw piece. This design blends seamlessly with the engagement ring preventing any gaps between the rings. It can however look a bit unusual if worn alone.


Cage – a caged wedding ring can either fit both sides of the engagement ring formed from two rings joined by struts, or fit around opposing sides with an overlap at the back of the ring.


Open – if an engagement ring has a large central stone sometimes, an open wedding ring is a good option to avoid creating a very shaped wedding ring.

open style

If you have an enquiry about a fitted wedding ring please call either of our studios to speak to a designer about your options.