Smoky Moonstone

Smoky Moonstone

Written by on 5 July 2012

Moonstone Engagement Ring

I am a big fan of moonstones and have been since I was a child. There is so much you can see in a moonstone that tells you about where it has come through and the incredible processes it has gone through to find its way into your piece of jewellery. Did you know that if you look carefully at some moonstones you will be able to see their unusual inclusions known as centipede inclusions due to their unusual insect-like appearance!

Moonstone has been a popular option for 'New Age' styled jewellery, but did you know that it was also a favourite of famous jewellers such as Rene Lalique during the Art Nouveau period? Moonstone was a key feature of many of his incredible pieces such as the Dragonfly Woman Corsage Ornament.

Moonstone is widely known for its lovely flash of blue colour, otherwise known as its schiller which is caused by the reaction of light to different layers of albite. The layering of this mineral will directly affect the appearance of the gemstone with thick layers causing a white flash of colour, and thin layers causing a bright blue flash!

Moonstone is also occasionally dyed and can be sourced in a wide variety of stunning vibrant colours... even bright blue and fuschia! You can also get moonstone in lovely peach and brown colours like this lovely stone we have in stock. We have a number of peach and brown moonstones available, including some lovely pieces of Purple Label jewellery, aswell as commissioning moonstone engagement rings for past customers. This lovely moonstone has a pale smoky brown colour similar to what you would find with a smoky quartz.

This stunning stone measures 17.23x 13.00mm and has been cut into an oval shape cabochon, which means that it has a domed appearance.