Tanzanite Design Inspiration

Tanzanite Design Inspiration

Written by Laurie McGrath on 9 June 2023

On Trend Tanzanite- designs to inspire your piece

Tanzanite, a captivating gemstone found only in the foothills of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Its interesting almost colour-changing hues are becoming highly sought after, so much so that in 2002 it was added as December’s birthstone. With its rise in demand, we are here to showcase some ways to inspire your tanzanite design. 

Due to the softness and thus fragile nature of the Tanzanite, more often than not it is seen in pendants (although is also common in rings) and is frequently used in an oval form. This makes it a perfect focal point of any piece that is sure to catch the eye, as well as its journey being a great talking point!

Our in house designers are sharing some interesting creations they have worked on:

I was commissioned to create a bespoke pendant as a graduation gift. The young lady wanted something unique and took inspiration from antique hand-held mirrors. She chose tanzanite as the centrepiece, and incorporated diamonds in the swirls. This particular Tanzanite is on the paler, more lilac side so matched beautifully with white gold.

I also worked on an extremely sentimental ring for Kirsty, who had recently graduated. What made this particular gemstone extra special was the fact it was brought back from Tanzania by Kirsty’s father, when he climbed Kilimanjaro. At the same time they also designed a matching pendant for her mum. Not too long later, Kirsty returned to the studio, but to join the HK team as a talented designer!

A Tanzanite piece that designer Beth is still in awe of, is a sentimental bespoke pendant that was designed to match our customer’s engagement ring. The tanzanite was new and they added a personal touch with heirloom diamonds and some sentimental gold. What blows us away here is the depth of the colour, like a ‘heart of the ocean’ blue, where the fanning diamonds are a dainty complement. “It is glamorous and delicate all in one.”

Creating personal pieces is what we do best, which is clear in Beth’s platinum pendant design for Gill. Tanzanite is Gill’s birthstone and she also wanted something to celebrate her Scottish heritage. Beth incorporated a nod to a Celtic knot, while a delicate thistle with small diamonds wrapped around the bluey tanzanite. This charming piece was hand carved by our talented goldsmith Chung-Shan

Alice Rochester has a fondness for this particular stone, so much so that she has one in her own ring. It is an all-around setting, for protection, and is particularly unusual because it’s unheated and treated. This is quite rare and means more colours are visible in it, not just blues and purples of the heated, treated tanzanite we are familiar with.  She also chose Fairtrade 9ct white gold to pick up on those exceptional creamy colours that sometimes dazzle through.

Tom was commissioned to design this impressive dress ring, set in platinum. What really stood out to him was its heart shape, which is not a common choice in Tanzanite. It really made the unique gemstone the focal point, with graduating diamonds and a personalised engraving, to complete the look. 

Georgia loved working on a special tanzanite ring that was a gift for a 20th wedding anniversary. Our customer adored the purple-blue tones of the tanzanite. “This was such a striking piece, with the emerald cut tanzanite in the centre and delicate diamonds either side”. This piece was finished with an engraving- a perfect way to commemorate a milestone.

These are but only a few of the tanzanite commissions our designers hold dear, yet each perfectly encapsulates the versatility of this fragile gemstone. Of course also how our designers are able to make your inspirations something beautiful.