Yellow Gemstones

Yellow Gemstones

Written by Christiana Christoforou on 1 August 2016

Yellow stones are very popular at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery. Citrine in particular is such a beautiful yellow so other yellow gemstones can sometimes be forgotten about. Here are some other beautiful gemstones that are also available.

Diamonds are very strong stones and reflect light beautifully and now more than ever before, coloured diamonds known as ‘Fancy Diamonds’ are being used to create stunning pieces of jewellery. Yellow diamonds are more readily available than all the other coloured diamonds. Here is a stunning ring with yellow diamonds.

round locket

Sapphire is another strong stone and it is most widely known for its beautiful blue colour, however the range of yellow sapphires is equally as stunning. The stones allow for the creation of unique rings with either a greenish-yellow hue or an orange-yellow hue. Here is a beautiful yellow sapphire and diamond ring which is inspired by these warm sunny colours.

wedding set

Citrine is a beautiful stone when cut and can be used in many designs. It is celebrated as the birthstone of November which makes it a very popular choice when designing eternity rings which includes the birthstone of family members. This stone is yellow/orange in colour and the heat treated stones sometimes have a reddish tone to them which makes them stand out from other stones in the quartz family. Here is a beautiful ring which features a stunning central citrine stone.

citrine and cognac

Peridot is not technically know to be a yellow stone, however the range of colours go into greenish yellow hues and are beautiful stones to work with. These stones are available in many shapes and can be set into lovely pendants, rings and earrings. Here is a beautiful pendant with a pear peridot.

peridot pendant