How it Works

The Bespoke Experience


AS unique as the RING that’s created.

The time you spend with us creating your one-off engagement ring will be connecting, inspirational, engaging and rewarding. It will be a journey of discovery with some of the most creative designers and experienced goldsmiths in the country, it will be about creating the perfect engagement ring in front of your eyes - one that will truly symbolise your relationship.

If you decide to use Fairtrade gold, you may well have helped send a child in the developing world to school instead of down a mine.

And at the end of it? The engagement ring that you take home will be exactly right - for you and no-one else - a one-off. It shouldn’t cost you any more than buying an equivalent quality engagement ring from a high street jewellers.

With HK Bespoke, it’s never just about the jewellery.

Read on to discover how truly amazing the experience of creating your own unique engagement ring can be.

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The experience I have had whilst using HK jewellery has been second to none