The Bespoke Experience


Bringing your bespoke ring to life

Your designer will have discussed the design at length with our team of goldsmiths - headed by Ryan, an expert goldsmith with 18 years experience – and between them they will have decided exactly how your engagement ring will be made. Then the designer will draw up your ‘making instructions’ - accurate drawings showing the design from different angles and with all the different processes in mind - you can see these drawings online. Each goldsmith, stone-setter, engraver and polisher will have their own instructions to follow.

Your piece may be hand forged, created from bullion (precious metal wire and sheet bought from our refiners), made from pre-formed parts, constructed on CAD and then cast, or may use any combination of these techniques. Either way there’s a lot of hammering, bending, soldering, sawing and filing involved!

Our goldsmithing and stone-setting teams combine impeccable attention to detail – everything has to be perfect and created with artistic flair.  The line of a curve in a drawing is sometimes open to interpretation in precious metals and this is where they will infuse your piece with their skill, taking it beyond simply what is represented on the page.

CAD OR Hand-making?

We may be passionate about the traditional craft of goldsmithing and the importance of hand sketching, but the continual development of CAD technology has given our designers another tool to use alongside hand craftmanship.

Sometimes a project lends itself more to one or the other, and occasionally to both - for example a handmade band on a CAD created setting. Whatever the combination, the point is that creativity is limitless so we’re happy to be able to integrate CAD alongside the traditional goldsmith craft to give us greater flexibility in our work.

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Thank you so much for helping design and make such a perfect engagement ring, everything about it is perfect for us.





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