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Bespoke Gift Packs

Treat your loved one to a “Commission in a Box” and gift them a thoughtful and personal bespoke experience.

Your special someone will receive a hand-written card with details about their pre-booked consultation as well as information about what to expect when designing their unique-to-them jewellery. When you purchase our signature presentation box, you will initially discuss your ideas and inspirations with one of our designers. Then, if you have a clear design in mind, you can personalise the gift.

You can purchase and include a gemstone, which we can source for you to choose specifically to be the right colour and size for your design. And/or include hand-drawn sketches of your design ideas.

  • Prices vary depending on what you choose:
  • Standard presentation box - £24.
  • Hand-drawn sketches - £96
  • Gemstone- Cost varies according to your choice

Your total “Commission in a Box” amount will then be deducted from the final price of your commission.

Bespoke proposal gift pack

A surprise proposal is wonderfully romantic, however, we understand there are many factors involved to reach this point. Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be quite daunting, even more so if it’s designed specifically for someone. Or perhaps, you just want your partner to be a part of the exciting and special process that is our bespoke experience. So, we have a great solution!

Our 'Proposal in a Box' is a beautiful presentation box with handwritten cards showing your consultation date, your jewellery designer and suggestions of places to stay over the weekend. This can be further personalised by including your design ideas in hand-drawn sketches and/or a special gemstone. We can source a selection of stones so you can choose and purchase the one/s that will take centre stage in the jewellery.

Then once you've proposed, your newly engaged life can start by joining us and designing your own bespoke engagement ring together.