The Perfect Parting Gift for St Albans High School Leavers

The Perfect Parting Gift for St Albans High School Leavers

Written by Harriet Kelsall on 2 August 2021

Our team has been exceptionally busy over the last few months creating 500 pendants for this years’ St Albans High School Year 11 leavers. I think I’m right in saying that we have never made as many as 500 of one item all at once before, so it was quite the logistical challenge for us!

The project has kept our workshop incredibly busy over the second lockdown and everyone has worked so hard on everything from liaising with the school, making and polishing the pieces, project managing, packaging them all up, accounts and all of the other associated activities. Our latest goldsmith apprentice, Finn has been a great help with this project, and already feels like an important new member of the workshop team with the support of senior goldsmith and workshop manager, Ryan.

I personally delivered them to the school on Friday and they were absolutely thrilled to have them all in time for the end of term. I also had the opportunity to present the beautiful school shield pendants to this year’s leavers – who will all be going off in various directions to many different universities and beyond. The girls were all delighted with the finished pieces, and we have some great photos to commemorate the day.

The project has taught us a lot about what we’re capable of and that we can tackle things that may have originally seemed overwhelming!