Unusual Engagement Rings

Written by Amy Vinn on 4 November 2015

The tradition of a solitaire diamond or trilogy engagement ring is a beautiful one but the modernisation of such traditions can mean many more options for the new generation of Fiance’s and Fiancee’s!

Through our bespoke work we get the opportunity to create unique, beautiful and sometimes crazy engagement rings which tell the story of the individual and mean’s something between that couple and that couple only!

Of course the interpretation of ‘unusual’ is different to every person, depending on what you see as usual!

asymmetric silver

Something as simple as adding engraved detailing to the side view of a ring can create a really lovely effect. Alternatively, a lot of people come to us with a strong inspirational theme. One of the most fun ones for me was an engagement ring based around a Fox and more recently a ‘Turks Head’ sailing knot was a brilliant challenge! Some of our customers want something to really stand out in the crowd which can either mean using a coloured gemstone, or using many differently coloured gemstones like this scatter set ring (9080) or this fabulous unique ring designed by Jenna, which is currently in our Ready to Wear collection here

multi coloured gemstone

Of course colour isn’t for everyone and we often hear people say that they don’t want a ring that could clash with other jewellery, clothes or nail varnish that they might wear, in which case diamond is always a good option! From a designer’s point of view, it is absolutely lovely to work with people to design any engagement ring but we do like a challenge so come with the most unusual idea you can think of and we’ll make it happen!