The Bespoke Experience


Choosing your dress jewellery from HK Bespoke, whether it’s commissioned by you or selected from our Ready to Wear cabinets, will cost you no more than the equivalent quality jewellery from any other independent jeweller.

And how do we know? We’re constantly monitoring the national average costs to make sure we’re competitive. Your quote will be worked out meticulously to ensure we've found the most cost effective method of construction, and our sophisticated pricing system means that we pass on the best possible value for money to you.

But it’s not always just about cost. Yes, we promise value for money. However the quality of handcrafted pieces should never be underestimated, particularly when considering the making or redesigning of inherited jewellery. The traditional skills of goldsmithing, diamond mounting and hand setting of gemstones offered by our workshops will ensure your jewellery is enjoyed by generations to come.

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