Sterling Silver (certFT)

Will is our Apprentice Diamond Mounter under the auspices of The Goldsmiths’ Company Apprenticeship Scheme. He is bound to Harriet as his Master, in the time honoured tradition of craftsmen learning their trade, and will be so until completion of his apprenticeship. He is now on his final project- a dramatic necklace which features a stylized Primrose shape. The flower within Will's masterpiece is the inspiration for this unique pendant which has been made from Fairtrade Sterling silver. It hangs beautifully on a recycled Sterling silver chain. The primrose is one of the early signs of spring and the timing of its creation ties in beautifully with the opening of our new Studio & Shop in Primrose Hill.

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Please note: As natural materials are used and our jewellery is hand crafted, slight variations in colour and size may occur.

Fairtrade Silver

Silver certified to Fairtrade standards

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