Kazs Australian Inspired Engagment Ring

Ed & Laura’s story

Dave tells his story...

Our idea for the rings came from back in 2007 when we both ventured to Australia with a dream we both shared of one day emigrating there. We travelled through many places, down the East Coast, jumping to Melbourne and Sydney and ended our road trip knowing in our hearts that Australia was going to be part of our lives some day. With the experience we had, we made a promise to each other that we would do everything to make our dream come true.

Our story begins in Australia

Dave tells his story...

The Design

The Design
Inspired by Aboriginal designs

Inspired byAboriginal designs

Making the ring

Making the ring

Dave asked for an Aboriginal design using cultural and authentic aboriginal artwork with a blue opal (blue being Kaz’s favourite colour and opals being native to Australia). The artwork is two lizards in aboriginal style and the opal representing the watering hole.

The Finished Ring

Australian inspired engagement ring

David and Kaz were engaged back in 2008 and since then have emigrated to New South Wales, Australia. The shared dream they both had back then continues, and the rings still give them inspiration to have a long and happy future together.

Australian inspired engagement ring
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