Kelly's Sculpture Inspired Engagement Ring

Kelly and Stephen's Story

Kelly tells her story...

My design was inspired by my sculptures. My artwork as a blacksmith is all about the confluence of curves and my ring echoes these. I will cherish it, just as I do my own work, as a completely unique item made especially for me.

The organic shaped ring was created in our workshop using 9ct rose gold. Its construction is more akin to sculpture, as our team have forged the swirls by hand and applied hand finishes.

Our story began with my sculptures

Kelly tells her story...

The Sketch

The Sketch
Inspired by Art Nouveau swirls

Inspired byArt Nouveau swirls

The Design Consultation Talking with a designer

The Design ConsultationTalking with a designer

The Finished Ring

Art Nouveau Inspired Engagement Ring

The engagement ring has been designed to feature art nouveau inspired curls. Each swirl has a small 2mm diamond carefully set within it and to add to the effect, contrasting textures of polished and satinised areas of metal have been applied.

Art Nouveau Inspired Engagement Ring
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