Samathas Plane Inspired Engagment Ring

Jonathan and Samantha's story

Samantha tells her story...

We first met when I was on the University Air squadron at RAF Wyton where Jon was completing his elementary flying training. Jon being in the RAF was also a big part of our life and he is often at work busy rescuing people, such as the Cockermouth Floods in the Lake district. My engagement ring reminds me he is always doing what he loves.

Our story begins at RAF Wyton

Samantha tells her story...

The Design

The Design
Inspired by A stylisted aeroplane

Inspired byA stylisted aeroplane

Designed For a Pilot

DesignedFor a Pilot

Making the ring

Making the ring

At first glance the design for this ring is a traditional diamond trilogy, yet look a little deeper and you'll recognise the shape of an aeroplane.

The Finished Ring

Aeroplane inspired engagement ring

Jonathan and Samantha's wedding had Jonathan in full uniform with his RAF wings. It was a very styled affair with family members helping to make the cake, dress, favours and necklaces. Samantha adds...."It was really nice to have our designed rings as a finishing touch!".

Aeroplane inspired engagement ring
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