Claires Surfing Inspired Engagement Ring

Dave and Claire's Story

Dave tells his story...

I proposed to Claire in Devon while on a surfing holiday - we were staying in a cottage. We both love the sea and surfing so this inspired me to design the engagement ring around that theme.

My story begins with a trip to Devon

Dave tells his story...

The Sketch

The Sketch
Inspired by Waves in the sea

Inspired byWaves in the sea

The Design A hand-drawn twist shape

The DesignA hand-drawn twist shape

Making the Ring

Making the Ring

The twist ring design represents the curl of a wave, wrapping around a pear shaped diamond. Blue sapphires add a hint of sea colour to the design and a fitted wedding ring sits beautifully alongside.

The Finished Ring

Surfing Inspired Engagement Ring

David presented Claire with a set of design sketches. This allowed Claire the opportunity to be involved in the final design of her bespoke engagement ring.

Surfing Inspired Engagement Ring
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