Learn about Oval Cuts

An oval cut stone is a good choice if you are looking for the traditional softness of the most popular round shaped brilliant cut, but want to have something a little different.

The cut is similar in sparkle to the brilliant cut, so little compromise is made in that department and (as with the marquise cut) an oval stone, if set parallel to the finger can have the effect of elongating the fingers.

We regularly set oval stones both across the finger and lengthwise - each has a very different but striking effect.

The oval stone is an example of what are referred to as 'fancy' cuts. Unlike round stones, there is no set way of defining what is an ideal cut for fancy cuts, but a well cut stone will be well proportioned, symmetrical and have plenty of sparkle and fire, just like a round stone.

Fancy cuts can exhibit an effect called 'bow tie' - this is a section within the stone that is less sparkly and is roughly shaped like a bow tie, hence the name.

Legend says that oval cut gemstones are worn by people who are individualistic, creative, well-organized and willing to take chances!

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