Learn about Radiant and Scissor Cuts

The radiant cut has 70 facets and is known for its cut corners. This cut has the class and elegance of an emerald cut without sacrificing the brilliance of a round brilliant cut. It is available as a rectangular or a square with bevelled corners, and generally, its steeper crown angle and smaller table facet allows it to display more fire than a princess cut. It is a really good cut for other transparent gemstone engagement rings too, as the facets help to hide inclusions, and the cropped corners make it a safer stone to set than some other cuts.

Radiants look very good when combined with baguettes or round side stones, or used as solitaires. They are rarely used for earrings or as side stones because they are hard to calibrate and match. To get matched pairs you may have to sort through many stones or even get stones re-cut to calibrate. Although its popularity has somewhat faded over time, finely cut radiant diamond engagement rings have recently become popular again in engagement rings

We have noticed some merchants altering facets minutely and claiming a patented cut, but we think that the standard radiant cut is lovely just as it is.

A scissor cut is a type of radiant cut, a bit like an emerald cut but with extra diagonal facets that make it a lot more sparkly.

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