Learn about Trilliant Cuts

Trilliant (or triangle or trillion) are three sided diamond or gemstone cuts - many of these cuts are trademarked cuts. The triangle cut tends to be a stepped facet cut while the trillion and other variations of this modern cut are based upon a brilliant style cut. The fire and beauty of them is spectacular, they make a wonderful and unusual choice for your engagement ring.

Trillions are basically triangular in shape, usually with truncated corners, with a variety of facets. The best depth to achieve is in the mid to high sixties (61-68% ) and stones with deeper or shallower depths should be avoided.

This 31 - 50 facetted shape is often sold as matched pairs and make good side stones either side of a central brilliant or princess cut stone. Having said that, they do make a stunning centre piece in an engagement ring. The mountain engagement rings we have made in various different forms in the last few years have been incredibly popular solitaires, both in triangles and trillions.

Shallow trilliant cut stones can still sparkle well with this cut.

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