Unusual Cuts

Kite Cut

A four-sided form of cutting, usually step cut that resembles a child's kite outline. Not common, but can make a fabulous centre piece in a ring (or even interesting side stones!) It is one of the oldest of the fancy cuts and apparently may also be called a diamond shape because it can resemble the side view of a diamond.

Laser Cut

A the name suggests, these are stones that have been cut by a laser beam. Stones are only cut in this way if they are above a certain size and the effect is very different to the more traditional way of cutting gemstones and diamonds.

Laser cuts come in varying shapes - one example is the star laser cut where the stone rises to a point in the middle.

Chequer Board Cut

A chequer board effect on the top surface of the stone. Sometimes the facets are straight on and sometimes diagonal to the stone and chequerboard cuts are generally cut by lasers

Other Cuts

There are many more cuts that are not specifically named.

Rose Cut

Rose cut diamonds were introduced as early as the 1500's and were popular until the early 1900's. The shape of a rose cut diamond resembles the petals of a rose bud and the bottom is flat. The crown is dome shaped and the facets meet in a point in the centre.

Old Mine

The old mine cut diamond is the earliest form of the modern brilliant cut. Also called the 'cushion cut', it has a cushion shaped girdle. This cut of diamond is characterized by a high crown, small table, deep pavilion and large culet. Other names for this cut are: old miner, peruzzi cut, and triple cut brilliant.

Old European

The old European diamond has a very small table, a heavy crown, and great overall depth. This diamond cut was the fore-runner of the modern brillant cut. Like the modern round brilliant, the old European diamond has a circular girdle.


The single cut diamond has an octagonal girdle, a table, eight bezel (or crown) facets, and 8 pavilion facets. It may or may not have a culet.

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