Learn about Asymmetrical Engagement Ring Shapes

Asymmetry in design means that your engagement ring will not have any part of its shape that is a mirror image of itself. Generally associated with more contemporary designs, this is a good way to ensure that you can make a statement with your engagement ring.

What is important to remember when designing an engagement ring that is asymmetrical is that the design must still be 'balanced'. It is hard to define exactly what this means, except to say that a balanced design is pleasing to the eye and, although not symmetrical, still works as a shape. So it isn't true to say that anything goes when designing in an asymmetrical way - its really a question of what looks right.

Given that an engagement ring usually has a single stone that is the centre piece of the design, an asymmetrical design can serve well to lead the eye to that stone. Following on from that, an asymmetrical design allows for the central stone to be offset from the centre and (assuming that the design is balanced) this can be a very effective way of designing your engagement ring.

If you are thinking about an asymmetrical design then your designer will be able to help you with achieving an interesting and balanced design in your consultation.

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