Learn about Delicate Engagement Ring Styles

We usually find that one of the first things that people can be sure about when thinking about buying an engagement ring is whether the design will be delicate or not. Perhaps this is because making this decision is about finding a design that reflects how they see themselves, both in their character and their physical appearance.

It is true to say that delicate engagement rings suit people with delicate features - perhaps small fingers or a delicate bone structure - but this doesn't always have to be the case.

One of the advantages of a smaller engagement ring is that you can invest more of your budget into the quality of the stone - quality not quantity! This can mean that, although you have a small diamond or gemstone, it could sparkle even more than a bigger one.

If you are not sure whether a delicate or more of a chunky engagement ring is right for you, don't worry because your designer can discuss this with you in your design appointment.

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