Learn about Dramatic Engagement Ring Styles

If you are the kind of person that wants to make a design statement with your engagement ring or you just love colour, then a dramatic ring could be right for you.

A dramatic ring is perhaps the opposite of a delicate engagement ring, although this doesn't have to be true in that a vibrant and firey gemstone can produce a dramatic effect in even the smallest of engagement rings. So, we would define a dramatic engagement ring as one that creates an impact on the finger and this could be both in your choice of gemstone and in the design that you choose.

Sometimes we find that people with delicate hands favour dramatic styles to contrast with their features.

As it is fair to say that dramatic rings usually include larger stones and with larger stones comes added consideration of budget, we find that many of our most dramatic designs don't have diamonds as the central stone. Here at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery, we design engagement rings with all kinds of fabulous and colourful gemstones and it is worth having a look at our gemstones section if you are considering something bold.

Drama can of course also be created in the design of your engagement ring - whether you choose to go the symmetrical or asymmetrical route a dramatic design is something that you can discuss with your designer in your design consultation. Together you can both come up with something that has just the correct amount and type of drama that perfectly suits you.

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