Learn about Twist Shaped Engagement Rings

Twist shaped engagement rings are one of the most popular styles that we design here at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery. The design is basically a shank that flows up to perhaps a central stone and then twists around it forming a beautiful flowing and organic shape.

Twist engagement rings are often asymmetrical. Perhaps one side of the twist is bigger or twists further to create a balanced design.

This design can also be symmetrical - not only symmetrical in the sense that one side is a mirror image of the other side, but symmetrical in that it exhibits rotational symmetry. Rotational symmetry means that if the engagement ring is rotated through 180 degrees, it would look exactly the same. In view of the fact that many central stones are circular, this can be a good design solution when creating a balanced ring that is a little different.

Our most popular design ever is an aquamarine engagement ring set into platinum or white gold and inspired by the ocean. The design is flowing and organic and the twist represents a wave crashing onto a beach. The blue of the central aquamarine is like the blue of the sea and the design has movement and balance which is why it is so appealing. The shape lends itself to a fitted wedding ring that sits snuggly alongside.

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