Carolines Octopus Inspired Engagment Ring

Graham and Caroline’s story

Graham tells his story...

The inspiration is actually from scuba diving, Caroline was learning to dive when I met her and she managed to convince me to learn too!

We’ve been diving buddies for almost 9 years now and after waiting so long to propose I really wanted to give her something special.

On our first diving holiday together we found an octopus which immediately hid in a hole. Our guide beckoned for Caroline and took off her watch and he tempted the octopus out for us to see with the metal strap sparkling in the sun; apparently they love anything shiny! It seemed perfect then that an octopus should hold the sparkling diamond on Caroline’s ring.

Our story begins on a diving adventure

Graham tells his story...

The Sketch

The Sketch
Inspired by An Octopus

Inspired byAn Octopus

The Divers Graham and Caroline

The DiversGraham and Caroline

Making the ring

Making the ring

The engagement ring was hand crafted by our chief goldsmith, Richard. A very intricate piece of workmanship where stylised legs of an octopus appear to wrap around the central stone.

The Finished Ring

Octopus inspired engagement ring

The ring holds an H SI brilliant cut diamond set into platinum. The octopus body is subtly included in the design using a series of hand worked sections and finishes.

Octopus inspired engagement ring
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