and finally

The Bespoke Experience

and finally

The finished piece and beyond 

Bespoke jewellery is all about beauty, longevity and individuality, so we’ve incorporated all of these elements into the presentation of your bespoke engagement ring. We use extraordinary bamboo gift boxes and inside, your jewellery will either be nestled on a velvet cushion, or wrapped in one or more protective silk-lined velvet keepsake pouches, the colour of which will have been chosen to complement your commission. All of our packaging is sustainable or recycled, and is designed to be re-used for jewellery or for other purposes. In China for example, the boxes we have adapted as jewellery boxes are actually salt cellars – an interesting twist given that salt was once said to be as valuable as gold!

We’ve loved making every single bespoke engagement ring that is on our website and we will have loved sharing that passion with you. More than that, we’ll have loved getting to know you, hearing your story and making something that you’ll love for the rest of your life. So now it’s over to you.

Please, keep us in touch with how the story unfolds. We want to know about the proposal, the celebration, the big day. We want to see the photos and hear about the funny things that happened along the way. As the years move on, we’ll be here to help you design the perfect eternity ring to go with the wedding ring, or the necklace to celebrate the birth months of each of your children.

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I just wanted to let you know how over the moon I am with my engagement ring, it's absolutely stunning, even more beautiful than I imagined, we can't stop looking at it.

Rachel and Paddy