Learn about Inside Engraving

Lettered engraving on the inside of an engagement ring is a wonderfully romantic addition to your ring. It can say a personal message to your loved one or just the date of your proposal - a message that is not normally visible to anyone else.

Inside lettered engraving is only available in one font style - this is a slightly italicised script. The reason for this is because engraving on the inside of an engagement ring is a highly skilled and difficult job involved specially shaped engraving tools to get inside the shank. These tools are only available in one font.

As a general rule, there is enough space for a maximum of about 25 normal characters including spaces in an average sized engraved wedding ring, but of course this varies from size to size and from design to design. We cannot engrave underneath where your stone is set so that will inevitably reduce the amount of characters that can be engraved. Its also worth noting that for invisibly set stones it is not possible to add engraving underneath them because a small opening is always left to aid cleaning the back of the stone. The last thing to consider is the hallmark which is a legal requirement in the UK and will use up some of the available space for your inside engraving. During your design appointment, your designer will talk through the possiblity of adding engraving to the inside of your engagement ring and advise you on how many characters would be possible.

In addition to letters, we can engrave words in any language and simple symbols (for example a simple heart shape).

If you are thinking of engraving inside your engagement ring we will need to allow a little extra time in the commission process to add the engraving.

We are always happy to add engraving to our rings as an after-thought. You can let us know any time during the making process or after you have been wearing the ring for a time if you like. We do not normally engrave other jeweller's engagement rings.

Its worth remembering that its best to ensure your engagement ring exactly fits your finger before having engraving on the inside as the resizing process may well cut into the engraving.

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