Learn about Line Engraving

Engraved lines on the outside of an engagement ring shank can be added for a variety of reasons, but in general they enhance aspects of the design that wouldn't otherwise be clearly seen.

Running parallel to the shank

A single engraved line can add a little extra texture to the engagement ring design as well as emphasising its symmetry. A line can also help to draw the eye towards the central focus of the ring, the gemstone or diamond.

Running across the shank

A single or pair of small lines can be added to either side of a diamond or gemstone. Lines like this can help to emphasise the gentle curve of the shank as well as provide extra symmetry to contrast with the overall asymmetrical nature of a design.

Other directions

Engraved lines can also create a stylistic feel. For example, a pair of engraved lines that mirror the triangular diamonds on either side of a central stone was used to make the design reminicient of Mackintosh's style.

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