Learn about Pave Finishes

Pave is the past participle of the French word 'paver' to pave. Pave setting was traditionally used in Victorian jewellery but is making something of a comeback in recent years. Small diamonds are grouped together to produce a large amount of sparkle and the pave set areas form shapes that can be used in the shoulders of an engagement ring for example or around the central stone itself.

This setting style can be used in a classic way to give an antique or vintage style, or it can look very modern depending on the design, so it is a very versatile setting.

The clusters of tiny gemstones that make up a block of pave set stones are held in place by tiny beads of metal that clamp the stones down in what looks like a continuous block of gemstones.

Pave set stones are an alternative to channel set stones if the effect to be created is extra sparkle in the shoulders of your engagement ring.

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