Learn about Pin End Finishes

A pin end finish is similar in effect to a satin finish in that it is a matt finish. Having said that, it is a much deeper finish and with a little more of an abrased texture making it a less subtle effect than a satin finish.

The pin end finish is also referred to as a 'moon dust' finish, which is hand applied by a goldsmith.

He will distress the surface with a series of fast moving pins attached to his bench drill and gradually work his way around the engagement ring to apply the finish. During this process it is important for him to work around the shank evenly to produce the desired effect.

As the abrasion to the engagement ring is deeper than, for example, a satin finish, this means that this finish is not going to wear quite as quickly as a satin finish. This is something worth considering if you want to maintain your finish over a greater amount of time or you think that your lifestyle is likely to produce an extensive amount of wear to your engagement ring.

The finish is hard to apply to small or delicate areas so if you are thinking about this finish, you will need to discuss this with your designer.

A harder wearing finish for your ring, however the design will have to accommodate the striking nature of this finish.

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