Learn about Ripple Finishes

A ripple finish is a beautiful and organic effect recently invented by Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery. We call it a ripple finish because it resembles the rippling effect on water.

The surface of the ring is hand worked with files to gently and subtly remove the straight surface of the metal and the degree of undulation can be chosen during the design appointment. The fact that it is completely hand worked means that each ring that we produce is of course unique.

The ripple finish can then be satinised or polished depending upon the design requirements.

This finish needs to be considered as a starting point to your design as it works best with large flat areas of metal. In other words, this finish is not suitable for delicate engagement rings.

As the finish is really a reworking of the flat surface of the ring into an gently undulating one, this finish is hard wearing.

An interesting choice for your engagement ring, though one that will need careful consideration in your design consultation.

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